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Raport de spionaj: cum a inceput constructia Uzinei de Reparatii Avioane din Bacau

ae2ae1Oficial, Uzina de Reaparatii Avioane din Bacau (URA) a fost infiintata in 1953. Insa, lucrarile au inceput inca din 1950, dupa cum releva un raport de spionaj realizat de corespondentii Radio Europa Libera, care au intervievat romanii care fugisera din tara aflati in taberele din Vest, persoane care calatorisera in Romania, plus informatii culese de la surse anonime aflate in spatele Cortinei de Fier.

Raportul a fost creat in data de 20 august 1951, la Trieste (Italia) si se afla astazi la Heritage of the People’s Europe, in Ungaria.

Conform acestui document, inca din septembrie 1950 s-a trecut la pregatirea lucrarilor, prin confiscarea a 600 de hectare de teren. Se estima ca valoarea lucrarilor sa fie de sase miliarde de lei.

Fisa raportului

Probable Construction of Large Military Airport near Bacau
Description: Item based on interviews conducted with defectors and immigrants in Western refugee camps and immigration offices, or Western travelers returning from stays in East European communist countries, supplemented with information collected through Radio Free Europe (RFE) correspondence with anonymous sources from behind the Iron Curtain. This item was transmitted from the Trieste field office.;This field report was assigned the following topical and geographical subject headings by the RFE/RL: Romania; Armed Forces — Military Workshop A.R. 4; Armed Forces — Bacau
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute (RFE/RL Research Institute)
Geographic coverage: Trieste (Italy); Romania
Date of creation: 1951-08-20T00:00:00Z-1951-08-20T23:59:59Z
Type: item; Field Reports
Format: 1 document (2 Pages)
Subject: Radio Free Europe. News and Information Service; Radio Free Europe
Identifier: http://hdl.handle.net/10891/osa:ee283d51-8402-4528-92e1-6b9e00ff91c3
Relation: http://www.peoplesheritage.eu
Language: eng
Provenance: Open Society Archives at Central European University
Data provider: Open Society Archives at Central European University
Provider: HOPE – Heritage of the People’s Europe
Providing country: Hungary

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